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Goetia > Theurgia Goetia > Reviews > paulthrashramsell
Goetia - Theurgia Goetia

Superfast dynamic grinding black metal - 99%

paulthrashramsell, June 26th, 2012

This is an absolutely stunning and ferocious release of black/death/grind metal music. Polish black metal band Goetia have on this mini-cd comprehensively encapsulated the perfect balance between different speed dynamics. The majority of this cd is played out at some of the fastest speeds yet submitted by any band in the annals of metal thus far. The speed and endurance that the drummer attains on this disc is astonishing, and is probably around borderline for believability that a person can achieve and sustain these speeds for such impressive approximations of time.

The guitars on each of these four tracks remains tight, cleverly simplistic, and consequently fit perfectly with each of the tempos on offer. Each riff seems specifically designed and constructed to convey a particular mood and never fall into any possible temptation to attempt anything other than evoke a suitable cloak of supreme darkness. The vocals and bass employed by Goetia on this release perfectly compliment and accentuate the rest of the aural savagery on display here.

Differentiating between any of the four tracks here is unnecessary as each track, although totally individual to each other, certainly follow similar structures and as previously adhered to, the band effortlessly segue between hyper speed and mid-paced sections. Please note, however, that even in the rare occasions when the band do slow the tempo, you can immediately determine that it will only be a very short time before they accelerate to maximum speed once again. This is one of very few examples where the slow parts actually are a cool addition to a very fast song, as they simply accentuate the uber speed brutality even more. Very few bands have been as effective at constructing tracks in this manner to such an impressive degree.

Anybody who enjoys bands like Dark Funeral, Infernal War, and Marduk with a noticeable grindcore and death metal influence will definitely love this cd.