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As good as a cover can get - 95%

thatcoltkid, October 15th, 2007

Black Sabbath; Practically invented Heavy Metal, without a doubt one of the greatest bands ever. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath; "Career saving" Sabbath anthem. Bruce Dickinson; one of the most influential and talented vocalists on the metal scene. Godspeed; Who?

No seriously... who?

A virtually unknown band from America needed a start to their career and a decent push to get them going, so they get a fucking huge push in the name of Bruce Dickinson to record one of the most famous Black Sabbath songs and damnit, these guys can play.

Musically it's very similar to the original, just alot more distorted and faster and much more modern sounding, so it automatically comes off a pretty sweet.

Vocally, as you'd expect this track is fucking brilliant, Bruce does alot of justice to Ozzy's original but still adds his Iron Maiden fire into the vocal performance... Plus you're lying if you don't enjoy Bruce screaming out "YOU BASTARD!"

Infact the only radical difference in this cover is during the chorus, instead of it going all soft and clean, it goes soft and even more distorted (even the vocals)... some call it a flaw, others see it as an improvement... Either way it's still good in my books.

If you like Sabbath, if you like Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, if you like Dickinson or if you're one of the few peopel who even know Godspeed exist... I seriously suggest you check this gem out.

It's just sad that these guys called it quits after only one album released shortly after this...