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Atmospheric Doom-Pop - 60%

Lord_Elden, October 11th, 2006

Dan Swanö is a busy man having been involved in many many bands. I can't say I really cared for any of the bands he's been a member of. However, my interest started to grow when I heard of the band Godsend. Traditional Doom I heard. Not too many bands playing that brand. So, of course, I just had to listen to the band being a true Doom-aficionado.

Unfortunately, the whole affair left me rather unsatisfied. The album starts with Delusions of Grandure. It's disguised as Doom but don't be fooled, in reality what we have is a down-tuned commercial pop-song. And much to my dismay the next two songs follows the same mold. And then abruptly like a whiplash the band gets bored and changes style deciding to play some atmospheric music instead. Oh, well, better than the pop songs in the beginning. The songs are aptly named A Wayfarer's Tears Parts 1-5. Being the title track(s) I suppose they're supposed to be the highlight of the album. It's nice and all but that's not what I really expect from a Doom album... Then follows three songs which could be considered actual Doom. The problem is that the songs aren't really outstanding when compared to monster bands like Saint Vitus, Trouble or Reverend Bizarre. They aren't even second grade good. Rather bland and uninteresting. And the gothic type vocals don't really fit in.

Godsend tried to squeeze in too many different styles onto one album, it doesn't flow and what's worse, the material, while far from the worst I've heard, is stuck in the land of mediocrity.

(Originally written for under the moniker KingBizarre)

A great album ruined by its first songs - 85%

Frederick, August 21st, 2006

I gotta say this album is really disturbing.
I sure consider Wayfarer’s Tears as a really great album of atmospheric metal but if I had listened to the first 3 or 4 songsonly , I certainly wouldn’t have listened this album twice.

I didn’t know much about Godsend but at least I knew this band was more or less regarded as “doom metal”. And back in 1997 when I heard one of their songs for the first time (thanks to a promotional CD), it sounded indeed like some really promising colourful atmospheric doom metal :
So in regard to this when you purchase the album you would expect to listen to some atmospheric doom metal songs…Well, if you would, you’d be wrong … and right too…

Understand my surprise and horror: the first three songs of this so-called “doom metal” album actually sound like some average mid-tempo grungy/mallcorish songs! The first time I heard this I said “hey what’s the fuck?. I paid for some doom metal ...not for some fucking grungy wannabe.”

Well, actually the album can be regarded as structured in three big sections

1. Some opening middle-tempo mallcorish songs
2. The Wayfarer’s tears atmospheric suite
3. Some pure doom metal songs in the end

1 “Delusions of Grandure”, “Sermon” and “Galactic Galleon” are in no way doom! Plus they are really uninteresting middle tempo songs. I still wonder what the hell they were thinking about when putting such weak songs as openers.


...things start to become really interesting with the fourth song "Eidolon" with its slow dark atmosphere. With this song we enter at last into the doom’s world … unfortunately the second part of the song turns to some mid-pace mallcore again… but here it’s really much more tolerable than the previous ones. But this song in the album seems to work like a bridge between the first mallcorish songs and the next atmospheric oriented songs to come.

2. Then we enter into the most sublime part of this album from track 5 to 9: the Wayfarer’s Tears suite whose special atmosphere colours, the introspective and meditative mood, the acoustic colours are so unique. The use of repetitive melodic leitmotiv in several parts of this suite reinforce the coherence and autonomy of this suite. And it could have worked as an independent work from the rest of the album.

3 . Then comes the 3rd part the pure doom metal section: the songs "Starfall", "Slaydream", "Silence of Time". I read these songs were actually some left-over from older material. And they are rather good songs, more traditional doom: darker and more oppressive than the previous part, but really good.

Stylistically, even though some tend to compare them to Candlemass, well,… as far as I am concerned, I find Godsend is darker and rawer than Candlemass original doom metal …

Godsend doom is rather somewhere between Paradise Lost’s older material (Gothic album) and some more atmospheric pachydermic music à la Type o Negative (Bloody Kisses album). You may also hear some Pink Floyd-like atmospheric inflections in songs like the wayfarer’s tears III.

If I had to rate the 2nd part only, I would give a 100/100.
If I had to rate the last two parts only I would give 95/100.
If I had to rate the entire album, I would rate it 85/100 because of the three and half songs of the beginning.

All in all, if you like Type negative, Paradise Lost (older material), you really should try this because it’s really good.

As for the first 3 songs. Well, imagine all the fillers of a quite good album are gathered in the beginning …You just can skip them all in the same time to listen to the real gems….

Too bad they disbanded since.