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Average But Enjoyable - 72%

cookiecutter, August 11th, 2006

With “Arrogance of Supreme Power”, Godless Truth has given us their 4th full length album, and it is nothing spectacular to behold. Hailing from the Czech Republic, Godless Truth plays Dying Fetus inspired Brutal Death metal. Now, I am big fan of Dying Fetus, but Godless Truth just doesn’t do it as well as the boys from DF do. The grooves aren’t as catchy, the vocals aren’t quite as inspiring and the drumming is more lax. Also the biggest problem instrumental wise of this album is the bass, which is really weak and not the rumbling low end that I have come to expect from a death metal band.

Despite all those problems, this album has plenty of good parts to it. The grooves did get me headbanging and the vocals did have plenty of dynamics, switching from a death roar to a lower, sicker style. Also the guitar work was quite competent and played the grooves as good as the blasts. The standout tracks to me were: Mission:Fuck You, Reprobate Intention, and Embrace the Void.

In conclusion, Godless Truth’s “Arrogance of Supreme Power” is enjoyable although it has plenty of problems.