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Godless Rising...Rising! - 92%

darkreif, September 17th, 2007

Godless Rising has a lot of expectations to fulfill. As a band consisting of two ex-Vital Remains members, there are going to be a lot of expectations riding along with their second full length release, "Battle Lords". Whether or not you are a fan of anti-Christian Death Metal, one has to appreciate the one-two punch that Godless Rising gives us on their latest effort.

Released a little over a year after they debut (a relatively short time considering the underground status of the band), "Battle Lords" takes the band to some new heights, Godless Rising has a chance to flaunt their musical talents and give fans and new listeners a very diverse and solid album. Right from the beginning and the very odd violin intro to "Heathen's Rage", the fury never stops as the band quickly pull off technical guitar riffs and a double bass that will rattle your teeth out of your mouth.

But that's not all that Godless Rising has up their proverbial sleeves, there is also a great deal of diversity on "Battle Lords". The band isn't afraid to pull off extensive solos during verses, which is not the usual Death Metal tactic, there is also some very accurate and progressive cymbal work done in the background that is quite catchy and impressive for an Extreme Death Metal album. The band also changes the tempo quite often during the duration of the album and often in the middle of songs. Sections of groove, melody and pure speed can all be found in a single song like the title track, "Battle Lords".

Gruslin does some great variation on his vocal work too, everything from the heavy bass guttural sounds to a higher, scratchier screech gives the album some good replay value. Although the vocals are layered over one another at times and that could dismay some older Death Metal fans.

In the end, Godless Rising have pulled off another amazing Death Metal offering that combines some of the mentality of the classics but with a modern production and approach to the music. Awesome technicality and diversity really make this album a great listen over and over.

Songs to check out: Battle Lords, Conflict From Within, Revelation Of The Dead King.