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I've heard better GODHATE - 70%

doomknocker, July 14th, 2010

I was able to get into the GODHATE swing of things a while back, reviewing their “Throneaeon” album back some months, and I believe I found such wares rather enjoyable. That said, I don’t think there’s anything to be said in this intro paragraph that won’t be seen as retreading older, previously mentioned thoughts, so I’ll just leap ahead into the album at hand.

Which begs the question…are we ALL equal in the eyes of death?

Going in, I knew I was going to be bombarded with the same chaotic riffery that is GODHATE to a T, and while I was right, I unfortunately would have to say that I’d heard better from them. Not that this is a bad album…not by any stretch, but rather, for as enjoyable as it was, I guess I was expecting a bit more in terms of heaviness and deathish brutality, which, while present, lack the punch of “Throneaeon”. The same SLAYER/MORBID ANGEL-dipped deathrash metal is in full capacity, in the same tight fashion in both production and performance, where the savage bladery of the guitar riffs, the machine gunnery of the drum work, and the inhuman gurgles of the vocals leave plenty to enjoy for even the most passive of metal folk. This makes for enjoyable listens, though, as I’d mentioned, something isn’t quite right here in GODHATE Town; that indescribable something is missing, leaving the songs quite hollow in approach, as though the band tried their damnedest to make the material sing performance-wise but sadly the compositions themselves just didn’t want to play along (although a few moments where musical strangeness is at hand, like the rather happy-sounding outro of “In Praise of Sin” and the piano noodlings at the end of “Infinity Shall Be”, which help churn the cauldron a bit more). That’s nothing to fault the band for (I know I don’t), so in this case I’m definitely giving them the benefit of the doubt, as songs like “Penance for the Wicked”, “Equal in the Eyes of Death” and “Dark Funeral” showcase more metallic elements than any popular “heavy” act would ever hope to possess.

In the end “Equal in the Eyes of Death” is a good album, though not what I would personally consider some of GODHATE’s best material. Still, they have plenty of potential to knock us all dead, and one day soon they just might. Keep at it, fellas.