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Impressive melodic death ! - 95%

MUSIC666, December 29th, 2009

"Come to us child
Watch out these shadows will devour your mind
Come play with us now, forever
Reach out take my hand
I'll take you to a safer place"

Really its too sad to know that Godgory has escaped from the metal scene while we all recognize the big stamp that Godgory made in the death metal music''''s glass, Godgory's Way Beyond is one of the best death metal album that has been ever released. The sounds of the atmospheric keyboards and the amazing catchy acoustics guitars parts will never set you free from this final journey, six tracks of pains and melancholic death metal notes are my favorite melodic death metal album, the solos can take all your breaths away, the track "Another Day" was the best track (in my own opinion) and the lyrics were just describing the state of despair and the will of leaving that mixes with the melodic alternative rhythm guitars.

And its worthy to say that the solo of the song (My Final Journey) is one of the best soloes I've ever heard, full of melancholic feelings, and the calm melodies of the keyboards can watch all the thoughts of your head and pull you deeper inside the song, all the materials of these albums have made a mixture of melodic death metal plate, the heavy riffs will catch your ears everytime you hear the the tracks. Calm whispers, deep growls, brilliant production, the acoustic parts that relax and the heavy riffs that reflect energy, and a lot of things will force you to like the amazing sound of this album, noone ever will blame you if you become addicted to this band, because everything thing about this album will be adorable in your eyes.

I won''t take no more
no more pain "

The impressive emotions that can be felt throughout the tracks will be the first noticed thing when you hear the tracks, the drums working fits the alternative riffs in an incredible way, giving you a perfect impression about the lyrics, and the harmonized repetitive vocal choruses are very catchy and memorable. If you like the soft acoustic guitars sounds and the meaningful solos then sure you will like this album, the very good production will let you hear everything happens inside the music, discover what the death metal industry can produce and buy this album.

Their Final Journey - 85%

OzzyApu, July 9th, 2007

By the time Way Beyond was in progress, Matte and Erik dropped clean vocals that were quite a trademark on their first two albums and also discarded their relatively alternative guitar pitch. Instead, they’ve now opted for an 80s arena rock sound that is very present among the guitars and a more melodic approach through keyboards instead of acoustics. On the note of the overall sound, the production is spot on with this record. Not that it was anything to ever complain about (even on their first), but everything truly stands out and Godgory had no qualms at using the best they could afford.

One thing that you should know about this album is that the keyboards are addictive as hell. I swear, when I first heard the “Another Day,” I was hypnotized by the intro’s synths; a trip that literally feels like you’re on drugs. Lie back and feel as though you are drifting through space, the worries of the world washes away – that’s how strong one section becomes. When the duo feels that listening to the music doesn’t cut it, they add other tools to enhance the sound in order to help the listener experience the music. On “Final Journey” for instance, the song introduces (of all instruments) heart rate and breathing machines to foreshadow the inevitable end, clearly a shift in tone from the rest of the song. Moments like this are rather sparse, but impact the listener’s experience like never before.

While most of their songs carry a melodic rhythm throughout their respective tracks, Godgory is also known for their heavier, and generally faster, material void of any relief – in this case, “Farewell” and “Holy War.” On these particular songs, fans receive a dose of intense guitar chugging and a more morbid tone that leaves little to work with any melodic note.

What I deem a tad bit of a letdown is that Godgory only gives us six new tracks, as the other two are merely covers of previous material. Although these covers are performed differently (using acoustics on one that previous didn’t contain any) and fit with the overall resonance of the album, Godgory seemed to have rehashed older material as it seemed easier to work with and is in tune with their newer material. For going “way beyond,” they also sure don’t go too far beyond the limit, as an album of this magnitude doesn’t even cut 40 minutes.

With all its classical and various influences, there is no dismissing this albums death metal identity. The guitars on every song still amount to some very crunchy riffing and the bass truly eclipses the arena rock touch with an incredible scent of doom – very deep and heavy. While the lyrics reach very poetic stances, the vocals vary well between lustful whispers and monstrous growls. Likewise, Godgory are able to produce a sound that I have yet to hear another band imitate. I dare you to listen to any track on here and pinpoint another track by another band that sounds just like it. The guitars, keyboard, and vocals, all of it only bears a resemblance to Godgory. The solos especially need a shout out, as each song usually carries at least one harmonic, powerful solo that takes control of your arms and makes you finger pick every single note heard.

No doubt by the end of this (or any album by these guys), you’ll feel as though you’ve connected with the past somehow. The classical influence on the cover (brilliant!) or through the music definitely illustrates that lost Gothenburg sound and its forgotten special melody. Of all the melodic death bands that have passed through time, I can firmly say that with a library as accomplished as this, Godgory is definitely up there with my favorites of this genre. Get rid of your unworthy melodic death and investigate these guys. The proof is here people, so take advantage of the opportunity before its lost in time as well.