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Amazing Debut - 90%

Deranged, June 10th, 2007

This is one great debut album from an amazing melodic death metal band. This somewhat reminds me of some early Opeth, with the acoustic interludes in between shredding riffery. Blast beat drums which caught my attention right away. Amazing growls and great clean vocals, this singer has a really great voice. The acoustics is what really turned me on to this album. At the time that I found this album, I was listening to stuff that didn’t have acoustic guitars, and I found this and it was just…different from any other DM that I had heard before. There is also some synth like sounds in some of the songs, which was also pretty different at the time.

The guitar work on this album is great. There are a lot of acoustic solos, which I’ve found out are not as easy to play as on electric guitar!! And they do it so amazingly well. They are one of the best bands that can pull this off. The drumming is just phenomenal; it’s got the perfect equalization of double bass and slow parts throughout the album. The songwriters of this album were great; here are the lyrics to one of my favorite songs, Key to Eternity:

“Close your eyes as if you die
There is no lies in the twilight sky
Don't try to hide don't you realize
The only thing is to take your life
So come with me I'm all you need
Or I will never let you see
I have the key to the eternity
Suicide and you're forever free”

There is only one problem I had with this album. Some of the songs such as, Surrounded by Dreams and Walking among the Dead don’t have as much of an atmosphere as the other songs do. I don’t really know how to explain it; some of them just don’t flow as well as the others. Other than that it was perfection, and I really enjoy listening to it. As I said before, I really recommend it for fans of early Opeth.