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Now Feel This! - 100%

JoshSabbath21, March 8th, 2018
Written based on this version: 1989, CD, Earache Records

In 1988, the newly named Godflesh from Birmingham, England, led by former Napalm Death member Justin Broadrick, released their self titled EP. Along with The Land of Rape and Honey by synth-pop rooted Ministry, the EP are considered to have been the birth of what is now known as industrial metal. The next year, Godflesh unleashed onto the world their full-length debut, Streetcleaner. And it is fucking awesome!

For those who like their metal musically and (sometimes) lyrically technical and complex, you're are barking up the wrong tree! This is minimalistic and simple. However, being minimalistic and simple doesn't automatically mean bad or lazy, as evident by this album. Dissonant guitar chords, G.C. Green's downtuned, driving bass playing, a drum machine, and Broadrick's harsh, evil sounding vocals create an intense and depressing vibe.

The songs are misanthropic as fuck. Each song has only a few lyrics and are repeated ad nauseam. "Like Rats" is a catchy (Mainstream pop music isn't the only kind of music that can be catchy!) yet crushing song with the line "you breed, like rats!" repeated over and over. It's about Broadrick's disdain for society's infatuation with starting families. "Christbait Rising" is, of course, an anti-religion song, but it is also extremely cold and dissonant, has only 4 lines. Then there is "Locust Furnace", which ends the original version of the album (I'm reviewing the 1989 CD version) with Broadrick screaming repeatedly in a tortured voice, Furnace! As I mentioned a second ago I'm reviewing the 1989 CD version of Streetcleaner which includes the unreleased Tiny Tears EP which consists of 4 tracks.

In conclusion, Godflesh's first full-length release is as awesome as it is influential! Those who have never heard it should! You won't regret it!