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Good, but not a recommended purchase - 70%

mepp, February 21st, 2005

Musically this E.P. is very good, containing two of my favourite Godflesh cuts [or should that be wounds?] "Slateman" and "Wound '91". The former is one of the greatest industrial songs of the genre, the latter is heavier, a [not at all bad] reworking of "Wound", found on the "Streetcleaner" full length.

However, for what it's worth [just over 10 minutes of music] this E.P. is not worth the money [assuming you can find it, as it is long out of print] unless you are a Godflesh completist. Also these two songs can be found on the "Slateman/Cold World" release [an amalgamation of two E.P.s onto one disc] or on "Slavestate".

Overall, this E.P. is good musically, but don't go looking for it as you can find the 2 tracks on other releases.