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Symbol Of Triumph (A Lack There Of Actually.) - 1%

TheShadowfiend, December 29th, 2003

I first heard of this band after reading a couple of positive reviews a couple of years ago. Seeing that Metal Blade issued it for the states, I decided to go and check it out. What a mistake that was.

This album really does suck in every sense of the word. There is really nothing of merit on this album both musically and lyrically. This is the kind of juvenile material I would expect from a bunch of 12 or 13 year olds that had a bright idea to start some kind of lame traditional metal band. I'm one for traditional metal, but it needs to have substance. Of which this album severely lacks all over the place.

The songs are constructed in a ho-hum pattern with simplistic riffing and uninspired drumming that makes this album fall into the sheer boredom catagory. The only bright spot on the album is the song, "Ride" which has a bit of a Motorhead flavor (Hence why it gets a 1%.), but it is also rendered idiotic with a poor excuse of the vocals trying to sound like Lemmy of Motorhead. The rest of the tracks are so stupid. "Whimps And Bastards" is one of those songs that goes nowhere at all. It has no sense of any sort of direction and falls flat on it's face. The solos on this track have absolutely no substance whatsoever. "Metal Forever" is no walk in the park either with it's lame intro, and the most pitiful attempt at speed metal I've ever heard. Another thing about "Metal Forever" I totally dislike is the absolute diregard of actually coming up with a decent pattern. There are moments in the tune where it sounds like something is going to happen to excite you, but it just doesn't, and the rest of the tracks all suffer from the same fate.

Lyrically, you can pretty much expect songs about metal, beer, chicks, and partying. Which is pretty much the code for metalheads. It's just that the music is so utterly lame, and the lyrics look like a 13 year old wrote them for the band.

I just truly can not understand some of the positiveness this band recieves. I find them totally lame. They are not offering anything new. They are so utterly boring, I would rather watch golf. People call me a bitter old metalhead. But when I'm presented with stupid garbage like this, it's easy to see why I think a lot of today's metal is just pure grad A bullshit.

Metal Forever, Forever Metal !! - 100%

Skyklad, August 5th, 2002

GODDESS OF DESIRE - Symbol Of Triumph (Metal Blade~1999)
Calling all MANOWAR, SKULLVIEW and traditional metal fans !! This release is sure to please as it boasts a plethora of songs, especially the awesome 'Metal Forever' that lead the listener on metal war marches across the wasteland of poseurs and falseness in high style. I've found the recording to have a bit of an "underproduced" feel which is unusual for releases coming out during these times of computer "clean up" and dependancy. In my opinion this is a good thing and just the way I like it. Sometimes the "feelings" get lost when something is overproduced using high tech equipement. The vocals sort of remind me of King Fowley's of DECEASED/OCTOBER 31 fame and most definitely of Lemmy from the mighty MOTÖRHEAD as well. They're low key and gruff sounding and at times a bit "flat" for lack of a better word. I love the album ! It gets 9 out of ten as far as I'm concerned and in this time of total utter crap being released left and right, this is a testimony to the true spirit of metal. Metal, Metal Forever !!