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Lost in history but Delilah had a great ass - 60%

morbert, March 24th, 2009

Goddess Of Desire had gotten national fame somewhere around '96-'97 in the Netherlands even before they recorded an official debut album. They’d released a demo and VHS video mostly consisting of cover material. They were just a tribute band really but they had been on national TV because of their live show which caught the attention of the public. Furry outfits, big Kiss-inspired boots and some ancient corpsepaint did the trick.

But what caught my eye, of course, was Delilah (the one with reddish brown hair, or brownish red hair, whatever you fancy), the wife of one of the band members I believe. Together with Lilith she was one of the ‘evil nuns’ spicing up the live shows with breathing fire and a striptease. Damn, Delilah had such a great ass and she alone was worth going to their shows. And of course hearing nice old Hellhammer, Slayer, Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Venom, Celtic Frost and Sodom tunes!

So, by the time G.O.D. were playing live at the Dynamo Open Air festival they had actually recorded a debut album with original material and after the show they had their own stall, selling merchandise, I got a copy of the record and of course made Delilah sign it. She’s a sweety as well by the way. I played the album a few times. Quite entertaining but over the years it collected more and more dust.

The music is actually very second rate. Now second rate isn’t a bad thing per se, I actually love a lot of second rate old school bands but G.O.D. are extremely generic and get pretty tedious after two or three songs. Just take the influences I mentioned above, try to imagine very cliché filled imitation riffs, an average pace which is just too slow, rather flat vocals (almost a parody at times) and last but not least: a total lack of real aggression and angriness. There you have ‘Let Us Win This War’ in a nutshell. Every time I see the pictures and hear the music, I’m thinking Goddess Of Desire are the Manowar of first wave BM and DM coverism but at least they’re admitting it!

Thinking about the once glorious days of Goddess Of Desire, only Delilah and their live shows are worth remembering. So 60 points for that, not the music.