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A pleasant listen - 73%

MohawksAmongUs, June 29th, 2020

This is an average melodic death metal project. It is full of easily digestible riffs and catchy melodies. As simple as this type of music is, Godark does a good job at playing it - they exploit a few techniques that make this album worthy of a listen.

While other melodic death metal bands such as early At The Gates have a much more depressive, introspective approach to their music, Godark lays out an epic, fervent atmosphere, which at times borders on progressiveness.

Godark is very similar to Amon Amarth. Seriously, if it wasn't for the occasional deathcore-inspired breakdowns, this could pass as a release from the Swedes. The music is very regularly constructed: the rhythm guitar plays chugging, pummeling riffs (most of the time on the sixth and fifth strings) while the lead guitar plays emotive melodies over them, with tremolo-picking passages sprinkled here and there to add some variety. The bass is loud, and it plays the same role as the rhythm guitar: providing a heavy, rock solid foundation for the lead guitars.

The drummer relies a lot on the cymbals. He uses them excessively; at times, it feels like he replaced his hi-hat for a crash or a splash. He stays in his comfort zone, playing simple mid-paced beats. Oddly enough, he reminds me of Paul Mazurkiewicz; as simple as his style is, his drumming is effective and keeps the album on its own two feet.

The vocalist is surprisingly well-enunciated, and once again, he really manages to sound like Johan Hegg. In some tracks he performs clean singing, which compliments the more sensible side of the music quite well.

Now, the keyboards are sort of pointless. They occasionally shimmer behind the rest of the music, often accompanied by short bursts of guitar melodies that last no more than a few seconds. Honestly, if they weren't there, the album would not be affected.

The production is extremely sharp and clear, and it encompasses a wide range of frequencies, which is quite helpful considering how downtuned the guitars are. It is also worth noting that even though the tone is exceedingly loud, there is no clipping or any sort of unwanted distortion.

If you enjoy the "poplike" elements within melodic metal, check it out.