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Black Mass Wacken - 92%

InfernoInfinite, December 16th, 2015

With the official split between Infernus of Gorgoroth, Gaahl and King ov Hell in effect, both parties seemed to be stuck for a while around 2007/8. While Infernus eventually got together new personnel (including former vocalist Pest) to re-forge Gorgoroth, Gaahl and King were able to form the band God Seed. Although Gaahl himself wasn't interested in black metal for a time, it was inevitable that the duo would have to perform songs from the genre: specifically ones written by King and Gaahl during their tenure in Gorgoroth. Despite Infernus not being in their midst, Gaahl and King rose to meet the challenge of recreating the evil notoriety that Gorgoroth was well-known for. That performance came in the form of Live at Wacken 2008.

Beginning with the all-out barrage that is "Procreating Satan," God Seed managed to destroy any doubts about Gaahl and King going their own way. Visually, I was blown out of the water. The stage was decorated to pay homage to Black Mass Krakow, and it was done well. Three people being "crucified," the goats' heads, the skulls, the make-up, the flames and depraved nature of Gaahl's chilling vocals slew the opposition without mercy. The endlessly talented Nick Barker of Cradle of Filth provides the drums for the performance and does it gracefully. King performs the bass as usual, and brings a heavy presence to the concert. Ice Dale and Teloch are on the guitars for Wacken, and perform without flaw (despite Teloch making the occasional strange face every now and then.)

By all means, the songs for the performance were all classic Gorgoroth songs, all from either "Twilight of the Idols" or "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam." It is extremely difficult to decide which song is the best, or at least had the strongest performance. "Sign of an Open Eye," "Carving a Giant," and "Teethgrinding" were all done fantastically and either one of these songs would have taken the number one spot, but that position goes to the wonderfully elegant and poetic "Prosperity and Beauty."

The only weak point of the album comes in the form of the fact that I personally feel that more songs could have been added to re-create the feeling of Black Mass Krakow (Bergtrollets Hevn and Incipit Satan to name two,) and the transition from "Procreating Satan" and "Forces of Satan Storms" is practically nonexistent and might as well have been just one song.

Aside from those two major flaws, the album is superb and even if you do not like Gaahl or King Ov Hell's attitudes during the name dispute, it is nonetheless an excellent performance with great songs and talented live musicians involved. Absolutely fantastic, and I personally can't wait for more from God Seed.

Black Metal Gods at Wacken! - 99%

xconvoyx, March 22nd, 2012

A near perfect performance of true Norwegian black metal art with a line-up consisting of Gaahl, King, Teloch, Ice Dale, and Barker. Each participant of this blasphemous gathering gives their full menace and aggression to the rather submissive and enthralled crowd. The crucified nude sacrifices, the flames, and the smoldering red light are just splattered brains to the wonderful, unrelenting music being unleashed to blow your head off! The chosen songs flow amazingly, giving continuous, non-stop deliverance of aural heaven (...or rather hell).

I never get tired of watching Gaahl bestow his unholy blessing to the crowd. I even think his performance here surpasses that of Black Mass Krakow, which this entire gig is derived from. King, Teloch, and Ice Dale wield pure menace, swinging their axes while Barker pounds the drums with precise killing capacity. One thing about King though is his fading corpse paint..tsk..tsk..tsk...a sad sight for me. Another disappointment for me is the limited camera shots of the group as a whole and the crowd banging their heads away.

I'm a fan of Gaahl and the music he makes, whatever or whomever he is with. He chooses his company well, which makes me a fan of them as well. It is because of them that I'm writing this, my first ever review.

All in all, this is an excellent aural and visual delight for all believers of the black metal art!

Grab this when you we await your black metal resurrection, oh mighty Gaahl!