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This rips! - 85%

invaded, November 12th, 2006

Since this is an EP, and a pretty short one at that, I can't give it a super grade, however the music contained here is pretty damn solid.

I've been a fan of God Forbid for a while now. I enjoy their metallic groove interlaced with crunchy riffs and double leads, and that is exactly what this mini album if you will, offers.

The guitars are tight, the vocals are awesome. Byron Davis and Dallas Coyle prove to be a good tandem and offer a preview of what was to come with Vol.IV: A Constitution of Treason with the mix of sing/scream which they pull off quite nicely.

The drumming is as you'd expect it from Corey Pierce: tight and groovy. He has the metal edge of the double bass drumming, yet never stops it fom being a total headbanger of a riff.

The songwriting is pretty solid, with the five songs being well trimmed of fat and all of high quality. The only that holds this back ever so slightly is the production. As mentioned in the album description, there is some weirdness in sound levels at a certain point during "Reject the Sickness". However this does not prevent the songs from shining through.

Definitely a cool pickup for the price.