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Layer Upon Layer Of Blissful Lies - 75%

GoatSodomyGasMask, January 2nd, 2008

Having heard loads about Goatwhore but never having actually listened to them I decided to get this release. I thought it was interesting since it had a much longer track list than usually expected from a black metal release and had pretty nice album artwork.

This release doesn’t contain any extremely intricate complex black metal melodies, or deep metaphysical philosophical lyrics or shrieked grim black metal vocals. It is straight-up black/death metal with fast guitars, rasped vocals and an overall chunky atmosphere. The vocals are your standard generic rasp but every now and then the guitar slows down and dual clean-rasped vocals can be heard. This is probably my favorite thing about the album.

The drums plod along and the bass is barely heard (if ever) in the mix. Each song has its own definitive riff which contains a surprising amount of groove. Sometimes the songs slow down enough to make you think you’re listening to Candlemass or some other doom metal band. The album sounds pretty much the same throughout and doesn’t have many standout moments (aside from the occasional slowed down dual vocal attack) but apart from that it is quickly forgotten.

Get this album if you want some mid-paced, sludgy black/death metal but if you’re looking for something more complex or memorable, steer away.