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interesting...and very good - 95%

mikewho, April 12th, 2005

goatwhore is truly a band to be reckoned with. their very unique mix of death, black, and sludge makes for a good listen. this album starts off with a somewhat hackneyed "scary noises from hell" intro, but it's hardly a minute long, so it doesn't take away from the album. songs like "blood guilt eucharist," "sky inferno," "a closure in infinity" and "baptized in a storm of swords" stick out as the best. on blood guilt, you hear falgoust's clean vocals, which really add to the atmosphere and help define goatwhore's sound. the band would really not have the same effect without them. also interesting is their style of drumming, which is far from the typical metal drumming, consisting of constant double kick/blast beats. instead of that, they choose to mostly keep the time (what an idea!) instead of overwhelming the rest of the band.

"the path i walk is paved with the ashes of corpses, beneath my feet are the souls of thousands"

how, as a metal fan, can you not enjoy such evil lyrics? that's one of the most notable things about the song "sky inferno," its lyrics. they are very dark, and quite blasphemous at times. goatwhore really slows it down with the guitar on this track as well. they're not limited to just being fast and heavy the entire time, and instead choose to go for a more atmospheric sound at times. their guitarist sammy duet excels at this. he's got some great riffs, most of which aren't especially fast or thrashy. still, it all works.

one of goatwhore's strengths is that if you heard just the guitar, drums, or vocals, you may think it's not that great. but as a whole, it's great. they're all complimenting each other and working toward the big picture in a sense, as opposed to all trying to show off at once. this is one reason why goatwhore's vocals are what i enjoy the most about them. with no other metal band do i really prefer the sections of the songs with vocals to the instrumental parts. the album's production helps this, as everything sounds as it should and no one thing overpowers anything else.

"a storm of swords to end my life"

and one more thing-how can you resist a band with such evil sounding song names as "baptized in a storm of swords"? goatwhore does one thing most black metal bands can't, and that's be blasphemous and grim without being ridiculous. instead of just screaming "SATAN!!!" like some tr00 norwegian bands, they bring some intelligence to it. it helps set them apart and make them a band you should definitely listen to.