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DeadFetus, April 16th, 2004

KVLT LOVISIANA BLAKK METAL? Well maybe not, but Goatwhore's unique brand of sludgy, thrashy, blasphemous black/death metal annihilates most of the overpopulated, overrated European scene. If you aren't familiar with Goatwhore and their previous release, The Eclipse of Ages Into Black, you should be. At first it seemed this project was simply a side project of Ben Falgoust of Soilent Green fame and Sammy Duet of Acid Bath and Crowbar. However, after a relentless touring schedule, an ever-increasing fan base, and a retarded amount of talent it was soon clear that Goatwhore wasn't just a one-time exercise in sacrilege. Three years after their impressive debut, Goatwhore has returned with twelve more odious anthems that far surpass their previous output.

What stands out the most on this record is the vocal attack of Ben Falgoust. Already known for his incredible diversity with Soilent Green, Falgoust bellows some unholy lyrics with great form and power. He contrasts these with select clean vocals, and although not usually my thing, this clean style effectively creates some spooky atmospheres, despite its initial hokeyness.

I don't have any criticisms of this record, but at the same time I can't give it a perfect score, because even though I really really dig it, it's not something that blows me away. I know I will be going back to this album many times throughout the year, but I don't think it will make any top ten lists. Hopefully we get to see a third release from these up and comers and if we do, I suspect it may surprise us all.

Vomited forth from the stanky bogs of Louisiana, Goatwhore play black metal unlike any group I've heard - sure, the influence of Celtic Frost, Venom, and Bathory are all there, but there is something distinctly unique about their sound. I can't quite put my finger on what it is exactly, but I like it. Maybe it's Ben Falgoust's awesome vocal delivery, or perhaps it's the dirty guitar riffs, or maybe it's just the uncouth southern Louisiana flavor that gives this band its distinct flavor. Whatever the case, this is some mighty fine Black Bayou Metal.

Originally Published @ (c) 2004