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Who needs a god when you've got Satan! - 79%

BudDa, November 15th, 2009

Yeah, that line pretty much stood out like a cockroach on a wedding cake. Four albums on the trot now (with Carving Out the Eyes of God being No. 4 and latest) and its nice to see that Goatwhore haven't lost the knack of delivering some of the most worthless, totally over the top blasphemy in the melodic black metal biz. No worries here. Goatwhore is back with a stronger, more vicious and more accessible record than their previous effort-Haunting Curse. They are out on a mission with Carving out the Eyes of God and its time the metal world stood up and fucking took notice.

The first two tracks are defined by galloping melodic riffs, overwhelming double bass and an overall convincing performance. The opening track-'Apocalyptic Havoc', for which a video is available on YouTube is one of the highlights of this album. Mainly cause it’s the opening track on the album which makes quite an impression on the listener and also, most importantly, it’s catchy. Sammy's throat snarly vocals are quite comprehensible making you want to sing along to the wonderfully crafted hateful lyrics. My pick though has to be the album titled track. That fabulous riff played at about 0:48-1:15 is a common black metal riff but for some reason, I just can't place it. Plus, its the first time on this record that Ghoatwhore decides to play at mid-tempo-ish pace with mostly pounding drums, flashes of blast beats and burps of double bass...but God, that fucking riff!! Oh, and the solo? Awesome.

The album is also well varied. Tracks like 'Provoking the Ritual of Death' and 'In Legions, I am Wars of Wrath' are much slower and more 'meandering'. We are also introduced to some guttural vocals in the verses. Though in my opinion, they didn't work! Both these tracks start off well but somewhere in between, they become inconsistent, tiring and mundane; Either that or I just can't get the fucking opening 20secs of Apocalyptic Havoc out of my bloody head(ARIIIISSSSEEEE!!!!). Focus on the two aforementioned tracks is slightly shifted from the 'all out-in your face' attack that we had kind of gotten used to in the first few tracks to a more 'in case u didn't notice we can also write some intelligent lyrics'. I say fuck that...”stick to the 'in your face' attack". Goatwhore is quick to reply with 'Razor Flesh Devoured'.

All in all this is a good album. I bet most of you will enjoy Carving out the Eyes of God. I, however, don't see myself spinning this twice in succession.