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Driving the Ritual Dagger Into Flesh..... - 45%

Muse_Perverse696, June 14th, 2011

....Before realizing it was not the flesh of the sacrifice, but your own that had been pierced.

Before, I had not invested my time so much as I did with this album. As it renders itself into a realm of utter redundancy, by presenting with some of the most boring material I had ever seen a band put forth; to what seems to be a rather lackluster effort over all, with very little able to be heard amidst the rabble brought forth the majority of the record.

The performances of the entire cast of this doomed production fit right along with the majority of the music featured. No lead guitar work (which would include solos unfortunately), with the guitarist overall performance seem rather mechanical; as if he where as bored as I was.
The drummer is there but does his duties and never seems to do anything mildly interesting and he also seems to be buried by production; to the point to where if he should do something, that would be intended to catch my attention, it would largely go unnoticed. The bassist is the only one I feel sorry for, he is no where to be found save an incident or two (I remember at lest one, I could be wrong).
The final contributor and star of the show is the vocalist who, production wise, seems to benefit the most out this semi-horrific event by taking center stage; he alternates from a sub standard growl/scream, a pure black metal shriek, a occasional lower growl and whispers. With the growl/scream being the most comfortable.

Rare is it where ever the pure black metal vocals do decide to show themselves, but to his credit, the vocalist does know how to implement them rather effectively; one such occasion being the beginning of the title track, for they sound prefect in unison with the chugging put forth by the guitarist in one of his few redeeming moments.
But it is also rare that the vocalist really shuts up. Most, including the four worthy of respect, feature him go on and on for nearly the entire duration of each and every song.

But really, this album is not as bad as some I have the displeasure of hearing. With the beginning offering hope with tracks 1-4 being nearly devoid of the mediocrity that seems rather prevalent throughout.
An example of this would be the track "My Eyes are Spears Of Chaos". The track is nearly devoid of any boring or trivial moments, featuring riffing with a sort of punk rock felling to them that are found in each and every of the aforementioned tracks.

Should you want an example of how bad it is exactly. After the beginning of the title track the music there after seemed to run together, as colors featured in creation of a panting in the wrong environment would, creating the gray mass that makes up the disposable second part of the album. I can be listening to "A Haunting Curse... " one minute and "...Of Ashen Slumber" the next, only noticing the change due to the fact "...Of Ashen Slumber" is an instrumental and without the vocalist's presence.
If it where not for the four songs in the beginning (and the one instance in the title track) the disk would serve as kindling and nothing more.

Download the first four, then forget about the rest.