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Blackened Death "Meh"-tal - 60%

B3h3m0th, April 30th, 2008

I heard about Goatwhore on the internet and decided to give them a listen, starting with this album considering it received the highest review of the three albums they’ve released.

My thoughts are that this album isn’t bad, but it’s only slightly above average. The song structure is pretty much the same in each song, riff 1 for about 20 seconds, then riff 2 for about 30 seconds, riff 3 for about 20 seconds, and then for the rest of the song it’s just a bunch of riffs arranged in an awkward manner, sometimes even leaving you thinking that the track has changed. Every song is like this, and after about 3 or 4 tracks I decided it probably was a lost cause but I’d hear the rest out, to find it was like that all the way through.

This album is definitely blackened death metal (or black/death, whichever you choose) as their page on this site says, but it’s nothing like the two blackened death bands I was previously familiar with, Behemoth and Belphegor. The vocals are raspy like a black metal vocalist’s lyrics, they actually reminded me of Shagrath’s rasps in Dimmu Borgir since they were easy to make out. They are also, in parts, a deep death-metal like growl but the words are still easily made out. Unlike their other two albums (which I later listened to) there is very little to no “clean” parts where the guitar slows down and lyrics are spoken in an eerie way, which is good in my eyes considering I didn’t care for that in the other albums, even though it did add some atmosphere. The lead guitars were sometimes a fast-paced black metal riff and other times a slower, heavier death metal riff. The bass was barely noticeable and the drums were usually blast beats but not to the degree that they overpowered the music, just went along with its fast paced guitars and vocals.

It wasn’t extremely boring though. It was definitely and interesting listen but I don’t think I’ll find myself listening to it again. If you’ve liked Goatwhore’s work up to this point, you’ll probably enjoy it, but otherwise you’ll probably find it to be mediocre.