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An amusing novelty - 55%

Metal_Mongrel, January 22nd, 2008

It's been a few years (two, two and a half?) since I dug this demo out, and I guess exposure to more Death Metal and Grindcore in the meantime means it isn't quite as scary as it was upon first listen. It's chaotic nature still makes it a guilty pleasure to be hidden away amongst more listenable music, but there are some positive aspects.

Chaotic is definately the word, for both the band's playing and the demo's sound quality. Though the sound quality is somewhat muddy, as is to be expected from a cassette demo, there are discernible riffs on here. This is particularly true on Jesus Coward and Final Atomic Battle (especially the latter), which have one or two good tremelo-picked Death Metal riffs that get the head banging. The rest of the songs (the only other actual song on here in Necromegatons) contain general power chord riffs and the odd breakdown, the guitar having a great distorted tone - sadly a bit lower in the mix than one would like it, considering that tone is like barbed wire.
One or two good riffs definately do not make a good demo though. What you usually want to listen to this style for is for the general chaos of the sound. Here, War Nazidrums and Pig Vomits (never gets old, eh? ^_^) seem to converge in on each other in the mix in one bloody awful mess. The result is a kind of 'tappa-tappa' drumming, from which evidence of a kit constituting more than a snare can occasionally be made out. The vocals are particularly gutteral and deep. Absolutely indescipherable, and very suited to the noise.

The non-Death/Grind tracks and demo layout hint at Nazi themes, though this is shock tactics usage. Just look at the cover and title of the demo again if you doubt me. Even with these attempts to scare thrown in, the whole thing flies by in about 15 minutes, maybe more. With only three proper songs on here, and only one of those being recommendable at that, the whole affair might seem to fly by without arousing much curiosity. But the chaos does work. You can imagine digging this out for laffs at a party, or to scare the missus, the short length allowing you to hide it again quickly and not take too much of a bollocking. It's available on the Trotz Verbot Nicht Tot compilation, so you could pull it off, heheh.

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