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Finland strikes...and scores!!! - 95%

Immolationed, September 23rd, 2007

Goatmoon is a very unknown band from Finland, Lappeenranta. But they have started getting their name out there bit by a bit. Their albums are reaaaaally hard to track down, but let me tell you, it's worth it.

Into the album: This album has evolved from their first album very much, almost in everything. In the first album, everything was much, much more raw. In this it has gotten more edge to it and a better production. And no, I'm not talking about clean, kind to the ear production. The production brings forth more of the folk sides of Goatmoon. And also, the great use of the keybords pays off. They are in the background, doing their appereance once in a time. The guitars are making excellent riffs and melodies, doing one of the mainparts of the album, while the bass is actually audible in the background. The drums go very well in here, they have managed to get a great output from it. The vocals are some of the best in the finnish black-metal scene. I dont have so much nagging about the album, but few songs drag a little bit, but it doesn't damage the album so much.

For me, listening to the album creates a pride and love for the country it's dedicated unto. Go ahead and call me a nationalist, but I do love my country and it's really great to see bands like Goatmoon expressing their fondness for their homeland.

Some people actually categorize Goatmoon as an nsbm band, but I disagree. The lyrics are more nationalistic and speak of white pride. So, if your looking for some ......-bashing, you cant find it here.

Finnish Steel Storm appeals to people into nsbm, pagan/black-metal, folk/black-metal, and actually, people just into black-metal. I would recommend this album to any person who enjoys listening to the genre's I listed earlier, Nokturnal Mortum, Volkolak, Graveland, finnish black-metal in general.