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Finnsih Steel Storm, absolutely fantastic. - 100%

Hegg_The_Norsk, February 25th, 2008

Goatmoon have grown on me, they have become one of my favorite bands within the genre of Black metal. This album has so many great attributes to it that it totally deserves the 100/100 I have given it.

Now, for those of you who own Death Before Dishounor, you will know it's a raw and harsh album. This album, Finnish Steel Storm, is a nice change; the sound is more professional but it's not that over produced sound, it's perfect. This album is hard to track down but really, it's worth your trouble.

The music is really good, the musicians know what they're doing. Drums are consistant, hitting everything perfectly, and sounding great while doing it. Guitars are amazing, you have electric and acoustic. Acoustic guitars are used throughout the album in intros, during the song, and outros. The electric guitars are pleasing, they create interesting riffs, very scandinavian sounding in a way. Vocals are pretty much the same, but that is a big plus. BlackGoat has a pretty good vocal ability. Speaking of vocals, there are these Taake like chants, almost viking sounding, in some songs which is pleasing to my taste.

Over all, this is a good album to search for. I totally recommend this release to fans of Scandinavian Black metal, and Folk metal for that matter (the song Alone is a perfect example of the Folk metal). I hope this helped anybody interested in this album.