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Taste BlackGoat's Finnish Steel! - 95%

BlackMetal213, May 21st, 2015

Wow. Where to start with this album? Goatmoon is a black metal band from Finland led by Jaakko Lähde, also known as BlackGoat. Goatmoon isn't that well known, but in the black metal underground where they are spoken of, they are spoken of quite fondly, and with good reason. If you happen to stumble upon a copy of this album, do yourself a favor and pick it up.

Those familiar with Goatmoon, and have heard the band's debut album "Death Before Dishonour", know how raw and relentless that album is. It is a very good album, but also a very flawed one. The production is very muddy and for those who are just getting into the more underground black metal, might prove to be a difficult album to start with. "Finnish Steel Storm" is different in terms of both approaches to the actual music and production value. However, different in this case, is good! This album is not overproduced, making it sound cleaner than a spit shined combat boot, but it is much cleaner than "Death Before Dishonour" was, giving it the perfect balance of clarity and cold, raw atmosphere.

Musically, what we have here is a pure assault of black metal injected with some doses of punk music. This is notable in both guitar riffs and the drums. For example, the song "Alone" is one of the most punk-black metal songs on here. It begins with an acoustic guitar, then we get this catchy, almost up beat style punk riff which pretty much serves as the song's main riff. The drums on this song are punk influenced, as well. That D-beat drumming speaks for itself! There are a lot of instruments on this album, giving it a varied sound, and that certainly is a good thing! Guitars, drums, and bass are obviously all there, but we also get flutes, keyboards, tubas, tin whistle, and even clean vocals (see the title track, "Finnish Steel Storm", for a good example of this). These instruments all work together to create a mix of sinister black metal, folky-pagan metal, and punk, which all meld together perfectly into one cauldron of Finnish black metal madness. One song that particularly stands out is "Bitter Winter of Depression". It starts off like your standard black metal song, very harsh, aggressive, fast...all of these adjectives work as an accurate description. It's got furious riffs, and blast beats o' plenty. However, these riffs are very melodic, and accompanied by a beautiful melody created by a keyboard. This song is probably my personal favorite off of the album. But let's not forget, black metal is also supposed to be cold and dark, right? For this, see "Immortal's Winter". In addition to the amazing instrumental aspect of this album, one cannot simply deny BlackGoat's vocals. They are powerful, ripping, and full of hate. Everything you'd want and expect in a black metal album. This guy is obviously dedicated to crafting some of the most relentless and throat-ripping vocals he can belt out, and they definitely do the music justice.

So, what we have here is a nearly 40 minute black metal masterpiece, being best described as a beautiful mess. There are a few personal gripes I have about this album. One in particular is the length of the overall disc and quite a few of the individual songs. Most of these songs are too short in my opinion. "Alone", one of the album's strongest songs, is also the shortest, and could at least use another minute. Most of these songs are in between two and a half minutes and four and a half minutes. Black metal is known for longer songs, which for me is one of the highlights of the genre. This likely has to do with the punk influence, using shorter songs and not sticking to one idea for too long. I understand that may be a reason for the songs being so short, however this album is one of the few that actually could be an hour long and not get old at all. The longest track on the album is "Finnish Steel Storm", which is about fifteen seconds shy of seven minutes long. This is probably my only gripe of the album, and is the sole reason it doesn't earn a 100 from me. Still, 95 is a great score, and this is an absolutely amazing album. For fans of bands like Absurd, Satanic Warmaster, Horna, Impaled Nazarene, and just black metal in general, this album is a must listen! Do not hesitate to check it out!

Finland Has Cool Storms - 96%

violentrestitution, December 3rd, 2011

I had always sort of ignored this band and shrugged them off as being nothing special. Regarding the image the band sets off, the lousy NSBM tag and the silly pictures (you know what I'm talking about) I never had much interest in checking this out. I kept hearing about them day after day so I gave in and got this album, I wasn't expecting anything at all. Some generic black tremolo black metal that I'd get bored of halfway through or something. Boy was I wrong. Everything I had thought this band was going to be surprisingly was wrong.

For starters this has some of the best vocals I've heard in black metal. The vocalist is simply awesome. It's mixed above all the rest of the music mostly because of his sheer expression and ability to do some really cool stuff. Its really raspy, but not to the point where you cant understand a word he says. Its quite understandable, raw, throaty, and very loud. Great. Next, the riffs on this thing are just catchy as fuck. I honestly didn't expect anything like this, the song 'Alone' was stuck in my head for days just after one listen. It's very melodic and even has acoustic folk melody throughout the whole song, lovely! However the music isn't so clean that all rawness and atmosphere is lost. The guitar tone is still rips and tears above most finnish black metal i've heard, plenty of distortion and haziness flowing throughout its veins, sometimes ripping solo's out from nowhere still in the freezing winter spirit of black metal. Bass is included and is fun to listen to, bouncing around the tracks dropping little bits here and there. The drumming on here is standard but works really nicely, keeps you interested and keeps the music flowing. Plenty of fast tempo's and have a loose sounding snare but rich cymbals.

On 'Bitter Winter of Depression' you get some interesting ambient stuff going on, same with the self titled track 'Finnish Steel Storm' There's even some clean vocal parts on some songs that sound awesome, even if it is just minor chanting. This album is full of great riffs, I can think of a handful of great ones just off the top of my head without even listening to the album. At times the album can feel really punky, but never thrashy. At times it can be upbeat, downbeat, letbeat, rightbeat. The creative juices never stop flowing. I don't know about the band being NSBM nor do I really care, but the music does have a certain pride Finland than anything, nothing really strikes me as them being NSBM. Lyrics are..weird, kinda. You have songs like 'Alone' that is basically as the title says, but the song is really upbeat, you have your expected snowy forest dwelling lyrics like Immortal's Winter, and prideful songs like 'Der Sieg des Ziegenmondes' and 'Forest of my Native Soil'

There's no abundance of instruments here, you have it all. Tuba's, Tin Whistle, Flute, Keyboard, Acoustic guitar, Rhythm guitar, lead guitar, choir vocals. Provides interest every time you listen to it, I found myself picking up on things I had missed the fifth or sixth time around which is something I don't normally do in black metal. Everything about this album sounds direct and analog, the production here as I say again is fantastic. I'm not sure about the debut album but I've heard that its much more raw than this and I don't know if fans will approve of the cleaner change in the music, but it shouldn't be a problem as this is just great.

This should appeal to fans of folk metal, black metal, punky black metal, people who want memorable riffs, people who love a wide variety of instruments in black metal, people who want to try something different.
Bottom line, just get this. Don't miss out, because I almost did.

Finnsih Steel Storm, absolutely fantastic. - 100%

Hegg_The_Norsk, February 25th, 2008

Goatmoon have grown on me, they have become one of my favorite bands within the genre of Black metal. This album has so many great attributes to it that it totally deserves the 100/100 I have given it.

Now, for those of you who own Death Before Dishounor, you will know it's a raw and harsh album. This album, Finnish Steel Storm, is a nice change; the sound is more professional but it's not that over produced sound, it's perfect. This album is hard to track down but really, it's worth your trouble.

The music is really good, the musicians know what they're doing. Drums are consistant, hitting everything perfectly, and sounding great while doing it. Guitars are amazing, you have electric and acoustic. Acoustic guitars are used throughout the album in intros, during the song, and outros. The electric guitars are pleasing, they create interesting riffs, very scandinavian sounding in a way. Vocals are pretty much the same, but that is a big plus. BlackGoat has a pretty good vocal ability. Speaking of vocals, there are these Taake like chants, almost viking sounding, in some songs which is pleasing to my taste.

Over all, this is a good album to search for. I totally recommend this release to fans of Scandinavian Black metal, and Folk metal for that matter (the song Alone is a perfect example of the Folk metal). I hope this helped anybody interested in this album.

Finland strikes...and scores!!! - 95%

Immolationed, September 23rd, 2007

Goatmoon is a very unknown band from Finland, Lappeenranta. But they have started getting their name out there bit by a bit. Their albums are reaaaaally hard to track down, but let me tell you, it's worth it.

Into the album: This album has evolved from their first album very much, almost in everything. In the first album, everything was much, much more raw. In this it has gotten more edge to it and a better production. And no, I'm not talking about clean, kind to the ear production. The production brings forth more of the folk sides of Goatmoon. And also, the great use of the keybords pays off. They are in the background, doing their appereance once in a time. The guitars are making excellent riffs and melodies, doing one of the mainparts of the album, while the bass is actually audible in the background. The drums go very well in here, they have managed to get a great output from it. The vocals are some of the best in the finnish black-metal scene. I dont have so much nagging about the album, but few songs drag a little bit, but it doesn't damage the album so much.

For me, listening to the album creates a pride and love for the country it's dedicated unto. Go ahead and call me a nationalist, but I do love my country and it's really great to see bands like Goatmoon expressing their fondness for their homeland.

Some people actually categorize Goatmoon as an nsbm band, but I disagree. The lyrics are more nationalistic and speak of white pride. So, if your looking for some ......-bashing, you cant find it here.

Finnish Steel Storm appeals to people into nsbm, pagan/black-metal, folk/black-metal, and actually, people just into black-metal. I would recommend this album to any person who enjoys listening to the genre's I listed earlier, Nokturnal Mortum, Volkolak, Graveland, finnish black-metal in general.