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Even better than the debut! - 90%

Cochino, November 15th, 2007

GOATLORD is known as authentic Black/Doom pioneers, in spite of their short carrer, which left only one full length. The album that we’re talking about today is nothing else but a recompilation of old songs (demo versions), a lot of which were supposed to be part of their second album that never happened.
The fans of the very slow styled Doom they performed in their debut “Reflections of the Solstice”, might be disappointed because here it almost fainted away. Instead of Black/Doom I would classify this record as Black/Death, since in the song “Gargoyle King” they reminded me of PUNGENT STENCH in the years prior to their first full length; and a song like “Gutaba” could have been recorded by a band like MACHETAZO. Of course there are still some Doom elements, but they aren’t as obvious as in the past. In this group of songs the pounding, more rhythmic parts stand over the rest. In my opinion this change isn’t negative, quite the contrary, If you rush me, I’d even say that this record is better than the first one.
Totally recommended, but the sound is EXTREMELY raw. Fans of the “pretty and clean” sound, please stay away.