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Sunday driver black metal - 5%

The Crazy Old School Music Fan, November 14th, 2017

Goatkraft seems relatively new, from the looks of things. I actually found this promo through the "Upcoming Releases" section of the site, and decided to take a listen. Honestly, I like some of this "war metal" stuff (Blasphemy and early Impaled Nazarene come to mind, among others), but this is just derivative and extremely unremarkable. Do we really need another band like this? I don't think so.

Overall, this basically sums up most modern war metal bands, while also effectively making a parody of it. Their vocalist has decent pipes and sounds like a Mika Luttinen wannabe (and, in fact, there is some obvious Impaled Nazarene influence on display here), but besides that there is really nothing remarkable about the band (and even here the band is lacking, because the vocalist here just does the same thing over and over again, whereas Mika would at least alternate vocals between shrieks and growls). Musically, this basically sounds like a hardcore band trying to make black metal, and the lack of effort really shows. The drumming never changes, the basslines never change, and the riffs never change. The vocalist always sounds the same throughout. While monotony isn't always a bad thing, it just gets boring here and defeats the point of war metal; to be chaotic and not follow any sense of normality. Even the Blasphemy cover that's here just meanders along, with no progression whatsoever.

Is this truly what war metal is now? If so, it's literally a shadow of its former self. Gone is the chaos and ferality that made war metal. It seems it has now been replaced by a sedated, domesticated pet in its old age.

I basically gave this a 5% for the vocalist and the intro, which was slightly interesting, if rather cliched. Overall, this promo had nothing interesting nor chaotic going on, both of which ticks buttons when it comes to war metal. Overall, unless you enjoy listening to metal and doing some Sunday driving, listen to the aforementioned bands if you actually like chaotic and brutal black metal and avoid this.