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Eh - 65%

Demonic_Invasion, March 11th, 2006

All I really have to say is: I liked the first two releases much better. They were doomier and tougher. It seems that Goat Horn now wants to sound like the slew of other power metal bands out there. While not being a bad release....songs like Right Heavy metal and Threatning Force just don't do it for me. Decay should go back to the more gruff vocal style he used on the first two releases. The new style he uses lacks power and....well just doesnt sound as cool. Plus the production is a little too polished for me. Goat Horn has potential to be a really good band, but I feel that they are worrying a little too much about their image and are going after a more commercial metal sound than the stuff they put out before. Storming the Gates was a pretty sweet album, but Threatning Force falls least the new songs do