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Gnaw Their Tongues - For All Slaves... a Song of False Hope

Bloody Deluge of Barren Hope - 90%

Conjuror, July 24th, 2011

I don't even know how to describe this. It's just so... bleak, and dark. And hopeless. It's just so... good. With plenty of eerie samples and freakish musical composition, Mories succeeds to frighten me over and over again. What may seem like some horrible chords hidden behind a huge veil of noise, are in fact riffs powerful, and emotional enogh to churn a maelstrom of pure melancholy, pure misanthropy, and pure nihilism. It's scary, it's weird, it's unorthodox for music, but that's what makes this so special. Especially in a sea of mediocre dark ambient/noise/black metal artists, that try to blend these genres together, but only recieve a foul mush of mediocrity. Where they fail, Mories and his projects, Gnaw Their Tongues specifically, are triumphant.

Distorted and convulsive bass, spastic synths of impurity, pulverizing percussion, along with many sections of bizarre samples of murder, bondage, torture, rituals, and other morbid themes, manage to create an unsettling and terrifying atmosphere. Yes, some hate GTT exactly for this monotony and the same approach to every release; I embrace it. I cherish it. It's noisy, it's disturbing, it's chaotic. Experimental black metal fused with noise and dark ambient is a genre which you either love or hate. Underneath these thick, gluey, fuzzy manifests of insanity are disturbing trips to the human brain, and torture to the anatomy through beatings. Of course, musically, it's really not that much. Distorted bass, eerie and operatic synths, brooding percussion, haunting vocals, and plenty of chaotic, disturbing samples. It's not that hard. What hard is achieving the wanted effect. Some succeed, some fail. GTT? Succeeds. It feels like drowning within a bleak void of white keyboard noise, while being assault by the swarm of screams of coldly calculated butchery and torture. Ghastly apparitions haunting the very depths of your mind. Horror; if Anaal Nathrakh is the soundtrack of the apocalypse, at least GTT is the soundtrack of the most horrifying and scary horror scenario there is.

Long story short, a blazar storm of noise, synths, bass, drums, and samples. To some, a messy pile of repulsing noise; to others, a trip to the comfy niche temple of peculiarity. My personal favorite track is "For All Slaves... a Song of False Hope II", for its amazing riffs. Like noise? Get this. Hate noise? Avoid like the plague.