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Whooo...this is odd. - 77%

Snxke, April 1st, 2004

This CD is not bad, nor is it that good really. Glenn is not a stellar vocalist (though not impossible to listen to) but he lacks any form of real character. The lyrics on this are better than the lyrics on Jugulator and often better than the lyrics on Demolition even. Though, what the hell was he thinking when he penned the words to "Hard Core"? What a terrible idea. An old man writing in veiled terms about pornography. Yeah, whatever. The riffs, solos and song structures make this listenable in parts though. The "all-star" backing cast means nothing as they don't really add or subtract to the mix, but this has some classic Tipton here and there and thats more than most Ripper-era Priest can say. This record is also well produced, but who cares? The best is only "ok" and the worst is just silly. If you are a Priest fanatic you need to purchase this, if not - move along. In the end, you imagine this being the warm up for a Priest album and not something that really stands on its own. It's a classic case of a mans shadow meaning far more than the body that is casting it.