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Glass Shrine > Morourae > Reviews > oneyoudontknow
Glass Shrine - Morourae

Just a single ... just a small glimpse - 45%

oneyoudontknow, July 16th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2017, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

It is generally not a good sign that a listener does not feel entirely comfortable with the sound of the music that this person experiences only seconds it has been unleashed upon this person. In terms of Glass Shrine's Morourae it is -- unnecessarily, is that the word or is it artificially -- raw and slightly off. Too much of guitars and too little of the bass. What about some balancing, then? Why? Well towards the end some additional instrument makes an appearance, yet it is drowned by the rest and unable to leave a proper mark. Why is it there, then?

Aside from this, the riffs are not bad and have their moments, but all in all the track fails to impress. Is it the way the vocals only accompany the riffs instead of leaving a clear mark or counterpoint? Or does it have to do with the odd barrage of lyrics thrown towards the listener every time the vocals dares to utter something? Is it the overall lack of length of the track? Even though one does not get the impression as if things were unnecessarily rushed in the performance or break off all of a sudden, there is a certain dissatisfaction once this compositions is over. Basically Morourae can be divided into two parts and each of these have a distinct character, but together they appear to fall short of what might have been possible. It is a strangely harmonious riff, which would open either of the two parts and only to progress into a more dense layered piece of rawness that makes up most of the album. It is the juxtaposition of versatility and blandness. First the presentation of style and art, then the destruction of it. As it is often the case in terms of this genre: things are not destined to linger.

Therefore, at times raw black metal, at times slightly atmospheric and ... with not much of a messing around.