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Glacier - Ready for Battle

Miraculous Power Metal Assault - 91%

DeathRiderDoom, May 23rd, 2009

Glacier – Demo

Glacier is a fucking excellent US power metal outfit from the northwestern city of Portland, Oregon. I can’t stress enough the power and fury evident in their music; really awesome songs that absolutely scream energy. Only thing letting this release down are the poor production values due to it’s demo-ness – but not to worry – all three tracks are available in re recorded versions on the EP, released the following year on Axe Killer.

Glacier plays a fast-paced merciless classic metal style that’s just a pleasure on the ears. ‘Ready for Battle’ is an excellent example of this style. Great heavy metal lyrics here that are delivered at speed and matched by impressive, gallopy riffage. ‘Devil in Disguise’ has very much a Grim Reaper-esque feel and carries on the strength and vigour of the opener. There’s definite touches of Iron Maiden influence (particularly due to Harris-esque prominent bass) carried through with distinctively charming US tinge. ‘Speak no Evil’ is a dramatic affair that’s blowing me away right now. Good lyrics in this one.

Absolutely mind-blowing early power metal here. Amazing! This is exactly what metal is about! So much emotion in the tracks, particularly the excellently chorused ‘Speak no Evil’ that has a fantastical side to it. I would love to hear a full-length from these guys; I’d imagine it to be a damn solid one from start to finish - as these Oregon-ites show no sign of slowing down. Melodies are evident throughout, particularly in the closer, that blend awesomely with the aggressiveness of the guitars. A staggering display of power metal on this release - Just get it oi.