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The Beginning - 86%

Cynical_Misanthropy, January 31st, 2011

With their debut EP in 2007, Gigan had already established their vision of the most unique and chaotic technical death metal around. The three tracks on this release are exclusive and it serves as the perfect sampler before Order of the False Eye. Everything from the production job to the vocals sound just like the succeeding album. It's got the same jagged riffs, the occasional psyched-out vibe, and plenty of blisteringly fast drumming. Gigan have created their own dimension of psychedelic, spacey, and experimental sounds which defy absolute categorization. Footsteps is only the beginning.

This demo-length release starts off with an intro title track. It has a pretty heavy riff and then gives way to "Severed Spider Legs" after about a minute. This next song opens with the cyclone riffing of Eric Hersemann but soon loses itself among the stars. The song floats about for a bit before the drumming gains way but then dies back down. Eventually everything completely re-aligns itself and continues to march forward. The final track, "The Oracle Of Orson", opens with a riff on the guitar that sounds like it's straight from Obscura. It's got the same squishy tone that bounces right back at you and is awesome to say the least. It also has some very fitting and interesting upbeat drum-work which only adds to the auditory experience. The middle of the song features a slower, more somber melody with a guitar solo. Very unlike Gigan, but with their sound is anything to be truly expected? The final bit of the song features plenty of Randy Piro's raspy mid-pitched vocals and even some pretty well-done low growls.

This is a mandatory listen for fans of Order of the False Eye and is superior to it in one respect. Whereas Order became somewhat of a chore to listen to as a whole, Footsteps is a great compact release of the Gigan universe. It's a very memorable 14 minutes and only leaves you wanting more. Anyone looking for some truly original death metal should be sure to seek this one out.