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An Unstoppable Thrashing Machine - 98%

Metaphysical_Anomaly, June 7th, 2006

Well, here we are. Three albums into this fearsome foursome’s bloody reign of thrashing terror, and we have yet to see a slowdown on the creativity that Ghoul brings into each song. We Came For the Dead brought forth an unknown assailant wielding deadly pummeling deathgrind riffs and nice up tempo drumming. Maniaxe smote us next with a barrage of razor-sharp thrash riffs and a fun vocal display by Digestor and co. (enter Dissector).

A couple of years have passed and it brought us to wonder whether these monsters of mosh had crept back to the Catacombs and faded into obscurity like so many before them…..

We wonder no more.

Splatterthrash is upon us, and there is no escape from the metal thrashing madness. Every song leaves you yearning for another neck snapping riff, another harsh raspy articulation from Digestor and friends, another twist in the never-ending horror movie plot that is Ghoul. Friends, your salvation is at hand, and it’s name is Splatterthrash, bow and hail it as an icon of metal glory.

For this particular album, the creeps took Maniaxe and kicked it up a notch (BAM!) on the ass kicking ladder. We hear similar riff styling and progressions on Splatterthrash, but where Maniaxe fell short, (hardly at all, it still ruled) this album trudges on and adds even more back story in the process, where we get to see new characters emerge and learn how the Gore Boar came to be! Songs like “Rise, Killbot, Rise!!!” utilize voice altering mechanisms amidst the thrashing that gives the impression that the Killbot is once again firing up for decimation, and subtly hints at past songs like “Mechanized Death.” This and other songs hint towards the sheer thrashing mania of Maniaxe, notably “Psychoplasm” which reminds listeners of “The End?” but with a little more riffage in the midst of Hawaiian Island noises. Other songs like “Splatterthrash” and “Bury the Hatchet” implement new methods like spots for the bass to really shine and the quartet issuing forth a fearsome shout. All of these methods packed into such a cramped little wax cylinder is enough to shock and possibly amaze you, but most certainly leave your head banging for the entire 40 minutes.

All and all, you will be thoroughly satisfied you sacrificed yourself to this quartet of questionable ethics. Splatterthrash gives you that much needed thrash fix in extra large doses with a side order of soloing. The album is gold to be treasured like no other. If you don’t give yourself up to Ghoul soon, they’ll find you, and make you wish you did. That is for damn sure.