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Thrashtastic! - 90%

FuckinBill, June 23rd, 2008

Any doubts one might have had about horrorhounds Ghoul being able to repeat the success of their previous albums were completely demolished upon hearing their latest release, Splattertrash. I personally have always loved the albums they release and was hoping that they would deliver on this album as on the others. Well, they did. As you stick your ears into your headphones and press play, the music begins to spew out a hypnotic blend of thrash and death/grind that will stay stuck in your head for days on end. Ghoul has always been one of those bands that I never get tired of and love listening to over and over again without growing bored.

So let's begin this review with the first track. Christ, it's fuckin' beautiful! One of the most amazing intros I've heard in a long ass time. Ghoul has always had this theme of Halloween type spook horror in their music. Always throwing in eerie little guitar tunes that sound like something out a late 60's B grade horror film. This becomes instantly relevant on this intro. It has a creeping sound that builds and builds and eventually the metallic sound of a rhythm guitar kicks in with some insane guitar tapping playing behind it. It's fast, melodic and catchy as hell.

The vocals are a nice change from anything typical in the sub-genres that they incoperate into their music. It has all the slight traces of them, the sort of raspy growls from death metal, the high-pitched yelling of thrash and even the gurgles and shrieks of grind. However, even though they have all these styles, when they put them together they don't really sound like anyone else, it's quite unique. The guitar work as I mentioned before is magnificent. Great solos and thrashy, but heavy riffs. Very fun stuff to listen to. Now, as for the bass, unlike other bands where it's either in the background, used for a short fill every now and then or just not heard at all, Ghoul makes great use of their bass.

This can best be proved on the song "Psychoplasm". This is a song that is much like the song "The End?" from their previous album Maniaxe. The thick bass line gives it that oldies sound mixed with rockabilly (or maybe psychobilly is a more fitting genre to decribe it) along with their dark toned thrash and death influences. Honestly it sounds like something straight out of a Quentin Tarantino movie. It's really cool and it's nice to hear something different that shows off all the band members' musical talents. The drums are solid as hell on this album but are not really doing anything special, just doing their job really.

All in all this is an awesome album. It has a solid track list that is roughly just under 40 minutes in length. It's not too long and not too short. And your mind definitely won't wander off at any point during your listening session. It keeps you very interested in the music and makes you want to listen more and more with each new song. It's just really fun to listen to and is great for fans of any metal sub-genre, in my opinion anyway. Do whatever you can to get your hands on this album, it is well worth your time, money and attention.