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Ghoul comes into its own! - 96%

Choopa, June 29th, 2011

I was introduced to Ghoul through their blistering cover/parody of "What a Wonderful World" and have been addicted to their mosh-inducing sound ever since. But it wasn't until I listened to this album that I found the sound that Ghoul was meant to have.

Where they have removed much of the flat-out grind sound that had dominated their previous two albums, it by no means sacrifices the speed and out intensity we have come to expect of the band. In fact, it has only helped in their sound. The cleaner sounds of a more crossover thrash/death rhythm (with plenty of dismal keys to keep the mood nice and dismal), the 4-piece has created a sound similar to fellow death-thrashers but remain unignorable in their distinctness.

Where the band stands out to me the most is in this album is in three particular songs: Psychoplasm, Life of the Living Dead, and Baron Samedi. The first of which returns to the strange psychedelic surf rock sound that closed out their previous album, but sitting in the album's middle is serves as an excellent (not to mention, outright groovy) intermission in the album's strange and deadly songs of mutation and mutilation. The second serves as a telling of the inhabitants of their town giving over to Christian-controlled government. In a song of typical metal themes, there is a slower, more chanting pace. It's rather dissimilar to the rest of the band's discography, but makes the even slower, full riffs of Baron Samedi (the album's closer) an easier transition.

While Ghoul has moved their sound from a knock-out, drag-out horror death-thrash sound, they have by no means lost their touch. The album as a whole still shreds, thrashes, and pushes with the best of them. But in the hilarious insanity, the band shows their range and willingness to experiment while still keeping the tone of the album intact.

A very hearty applause from me on this album. Extremely well done for anyone looking for something to thrash to.