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Heavy, Brutal and Bloody - 88%

polemikterrorist, September 1st, 2009

Ghoul is one real entertaining band. Their entire image is hilarious, along with some black humor here and there in the lyrics. My favorite thing about them is that they don't take themselves too serious, something every metal band does way too much.

The only word I can really use to describe their sound is "brutal". Bands like Deicide, Morbid Angel, etc. kinda capture that brutal sound but I don't find it shit compared to Ghoul. On Maniaxe in particular, the songs are just so damn angry. Vocals are sick. One vocalist shreds his chords screaming while the other does plenty of growls. And the way they switch off too, genius.

There's nothing particularly wrong with this album other than that some songs get a little boring, but the great ones kinda even it out so this is one decently solid release. While We Came For The Dead has a little too much blasting and a little too much nonsense and Splatterthrash is more melodic, Maniaxe is one album to really kill to and then laugh about it later.