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More metal from Ghoul!!! - 94%

megafury, March 18th, 2004

Ghoul is fuckin' awesome. Get that message tattooed in your brain. This second release, like the first one, has all the qualities a metal fanboy could ask for. Pure solid thrashing death metal that manages to get you moshing. This release kind of has a more punkish feel too, not that pop-punk shit of course. More like old hardcore punk. They don't believe in keyboards or techno, they just wanna thrash shit up. Inside the CD case, they actually have a "Tr00" black metaller crossed out in a no-smoking-sign fashion with the words "Anti-Wimp" across the top. To add insult to injury, the over-top humorous song, "Forbidden Crypts", pisses all over the Norwegian black metal scene, mocking them for the way they dress and act. They end up killing some black metal band at the end of the song too. Another funny song is "Ghoul Hunter"; very different from their other stuff cause it's spoken most of the time in a poem recital style rather than growled the whole way through. Track 9 is a bit different too, it's a slower paced instrumental that kind of sounds like a Danzig or Misfits song. "What a Wonderful World", is even more hilarious. It's a cover of that old song everyone knows but with a deranged twist in the lyrics, mellow in an odd way. That's my favorite song out of the whole album. This is pre-Heartwork Carcass reincarnated and injected with silly shit to say. Plenty of solos too. I'll remind you again, Ghoul is fuckin' awesome and it's worth getting this if you know what's good for you. Kickass album cover by the way, a lot of crazy shit going on there, is that Ghost Rider on a skateboard holding an axe?! Awesome.