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A Slab of Fun Death Metal! - 90%

KRISIUN69filth, May 19th, 2004

Ghoul is a fun band, plain and simple. The second full-length album from Impaled side project, Ghoul, hits you like a hurricane of catchy thrashing death metal riffage, fast, rhythmic drumming and dual vocals unlike any band in the genre of death metal.

"Maniaxe" is one of those albums that is just pure fun to bang your head to. Songs such as the opener, Forbidden Crypts, have you chuckling along with the lyrics of murdering a kvlt-as-fuck Norwegian black metal group, and banging your head to thrash riffs. At times though, the band gets a little too silly for its own good, but I think Ghoul is what death metal needs. The genre as a whole is getting a little tired with every band writing lyrics about gore and cunts, always having triggered drums and boring riffs.

Other songs that stick out on this album, are Numbskull, and Boneless. Both of which contain the great riffs and catchy little choruses and an overall punk feel that gives this entire album its fun feel. The album closes with 2 silly fun tracks, "The End" is a surfer rock styled instrumental, and "What a Wonderful World" is a Punkish, Death and Roll cover song.

The best aspect of Ghoul's "Maniaxe", is the vocals by Digestor and Dissector. Digestor's vocal delivery is very raspy, in typical black metalish style, although very clear and understandable. Which is good because you can make out the humorous lyrics. Where as Dissector is in vein of most typical Brutal Death/Grind vocals, deep, guttural and undecipherable. As well as the awesome non-monotonous vocals, Ghoul's second best aspect is the ripping riffs and solos. Tracks such as Sewer Chewer and Forbidden Crypts just flat out thrash, and have Kerry King styled soloing. (Done by Digestor and Dissector, as well as the vocals).

All in all, if your in the mood for 35 minutes of fun, and punky feeling Death/thrash, that's not to serious and full of great riffage, vocals, and humorous lyrics, than this album is for you.

Best Tracks: Forbidden Crypts, Sewer Chewer, Numbskull and Boneless