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We'll pickle your brain in a jelly jar! - 74%

Harachte, October 23rd, 2004

The cover art of “Maniaxe”, the first CD of the American band Ghoul is a little trip back in time, as it depicts the kind of comic-style artwork often encountered in the eighties. Even before listening this album I got the feeling it would be all about rabid Thrash Metal…
And yes, what is you see is what you get. Ghoul deals ten deadly blows of ‘anti-wimp mosh core’: old school, US-style Thrash with the occasional reference to German masters like Sodom and Kreator, including some ferocious non-irritating screaming vocals and a grunt comparable with those of Macabre and Carcass.

The thing that makes Ghoul even more enjoyable is the extra pinch of humour included, like the lyrics of “Ghoul Hunter” (including dry narrative), the beyond cheezy sixties tune of “The End” and the lyrical perversion of the closing track “What A Wonderful World”.
Musically, Ghoul isn’t spectacular or anything. But the reasonable production combined with the heavy riffing and the aforementioned streaks of sick humour make Ghoul a very nice band to listen to.