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So you like Thrash AND Carcass? - 96%

Dead1, March 7th, 2005

So you like old school Thrash AND Carcass? And then you say you like to disembowell various poser Black Metallers? And you like horror?

As opposed to the millions of wannabe Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel clonesd, Ghoul approach Death Metal in a very unique way. Firstly, they take a lot of catchy old school Thrash Metal riffs and mix it with Death Metal's grove, vocal style and occassionally drums. The main vocals are straight out of the Jeff Walker school of growls. Like early Carcass, most of the rest of the band has a sing along too in a variety of undecipherable stomach-churning growls.

Though this may at first sound like Michael Amott's rather lame Carcass-clone, Arch Enemy, Ghoul's Maniaxe comes across as fresh and unique due to a several factors. Firstly, Ghoul approach their music with a tongue-in-cheek approach. These guys sound like they're having fun. The l;yrics are humourous but not self-deprecating and excessively cheesy. The production is rough but it takes you back to the glory days of old thrash and early Death Metal (think early Death and Obituary and of course, Carcass).

The fact that Carcass is constantly appearing in this review is a good thing. Carcass broke up near ten years ago, and it's good to see Ghoul flying the Carcass flag in a way that's different and not a blatant rip-off.