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Grumpy Cat, November 14th, 2017

I wish I could say that the biggest flaw with this album was that the pair of tits on the cover were disappointing. Sadly though, that's not the case, because there's a huge actual musical flaw that plays in here too.

The wailing yodel vocals? No, more integral than even that. The lack of actual depth. It's cool to hear a long piano interlude at the end of a black metal song, I'm a sucker for bands experimenting and playing with sound, even when they probably shouldn't, but what Ghost Bath isn't doing is playing around with different ideas so much so as they're shoving every single 'sad' texture as they can into the pot for the sake of having extra 'sad' textures.

Was it cool the first time I heard Golden Number? Yes, yes it was, I actually really enjoyed the riffs and the long interlude and I still enjoy that song, if just a little less, but once that song has ended there's no reason to continue. Insert more happy but sad melodies, tremolo riffs, retarded wails and blast beats and then balance it out with interludes featuring every other instrument the band could get their hands on at that exact moment in time for seemingly no reason than to make sadness sound as dynamic as they could. There's an integral lack of creativity, acting like a big black hole ripping the album apart from the inside and the band are throwing as many different textures as they can. Replacing the vocalist could me a more short term solution but would still at least give them a little bit to work with.