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This is WORRYING - 17%

MetalicHunter, April 26th, 2018

There's a lot of debate on whether elitists are right or wrong, and I´ll sound like an absolute elitist right now, but the fact that this is considered heavy metal is seriously worrying me. I´d even dare questioning if this is actually hard rock. Is this good music? Yes, to a certain degree, does it belong here in Metallum? F- no. You may say whatever you want about elitists, but you have to agree with something; without standards we are closer than ever to losing our identity, and considering this metal is just pouring salt on the bleeding wound.

But let us not be too harsh on this, there must be something good to it doesn´t it?

Yes: the production on this is fairly decent, with the notable exception of the voice having a much lower volume, however, I don´t mind this, it is not a big issue and it also adds to the general mood, and in terms of the structure it is well thought out and everything seems to be in its place. I always like to appreciate the coverpage artwork and this cover is not bad at all. Lyrics are fairly good when you read them (but we will get to that later).

However the bads are too many to counteract the goods:

When it comes to composition, songwriting and instrumentation it is where this seriously starts to hurt: it has to be said, this sounds childish, like something you´d get out of a Halloween party, and don´t get me wrong; this would be an absolute hit, I can imagine someone playing this on an old phonograph decorated with fake spider-webs and maybe some pentagrams (People would absolutely love it). I asked all my mother, sister and father to listen to it and say how they would classify this: pop-rock was the answer by both my mother and sister and rock for my father; when it gets to that point in which even your religiously conservative parents can listen to a song which has lyrics about Satanism on it and actually enjoy it, you know there is something REALLY wrong.

The music sounds too soft even for rock, and let´s not even talk about the voice: Mr. Tobias Forge has a voice that many would kill for having, still, the voice in here is not only as soft as the rest of the music, it sounds modified with auto-tune, and that speaks really bad of the quality of this work as metal/rock, as I said, the lyrics are actually pretty good when read, but the tone of the singer is perhaps even more important than the lyrics, don’t believe me? Look for “Leck mich im arsch” by none other than Mozart, beautiful tone right? You´d think it is good music, until you notice that what it says when translated to English is literally “Lick my asshole”, nice singing can make terrible lyrics sound good and vice versa, and this is no exception.

The general feeling of this is a work that although to the standards of other genres would probably be really good, doesn´t belong to the metal genre. This stays with me as only as a guilty pleasure as something I´d listen when I´m not in the mood for listening to metal.