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Music From the Mystery Machine - 85%

MRmehman, May 9th, 2021

For me, Ghost singles go one of two ways: they land a hit in spectacular fashion (Square Hammer, From the Pinnacle to the Pit) or they miss by miles (Rats, He Is) - there is no in-between. I abandoned the hope of enjoying an LP of theirs after Meliora dropped but I regularly come back for new singles, just in case Toby pulls another banger out from under his cassock. Thankfully, Ghost not only deliver with Seven Inches of Satanic Panic, they might have actually rejuvenated my hope of connecting with another Ghost LP.

Both tracks here are easily some of the best stuff the band has put out in years. Keyboard-driven, 60's rock with eerie lyrics and a good dollop of camp. It's nothing Ghost haven't dipped their toes into before, but the song writing blows those other projects out of the water. Kiss the Go-Goat is a classic slice of macabre cheese with some great shouts by Forge, though the pre-chorus' goofy Latin feels a touch awkward and out of place. Absolutely in keeping with the bands aesthetic overall, but it just doesn't connect with the song around it. Mary on a Cross might be the better track of the two: an even catchier chorus, a wall of synthesisers, a snare sharp enough to cut glass and of course, enough reverb to lose yourself in the wonder of it all. It's simple but clean and good god are all those hooks catchy.

For the first time in a half-decade, I'm actually looking forward to a new Ghost album; certainly if it sounds anything like this wonderfully goofy single. A full-length, psychodelic rock album from Ghost? One with a half-dozen hooks on each track? Another chorus to stop me constantly humming Mary ooooonaaaaaa, Mary oooonaaaa crooooss to myself constantly? Yes please!