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This Ghost Ride Isn't Everlasting - 76%

simonitro, February 11th, 2012

In 2010, Ghost has reached a lot of publicity inside the metal world and hyped to no end from the gimmick, sound, and overall presentation. Many sites have given this album great reviews and hailed for being different. Many have. While it is a good album overall, I found one big problem with the album and the question is... is it everlasting?

Alright! By judging from the lyrics, it is about our favorite over-sized retarded red goat that lives downstairs and the music is as equivalent as the Sesame Street choir writing songs for murderers with joy. As many stated, the music sounds like a 60's or 70's psychedelic with a touch of doomy heavy metal but instead being all too gloomy, it is supposed to be all fun and somewhat up-beat, is it? For some parts, they are fun but NOT THAT much and it is often compared to Mercyful Fate and this is because it is mainly coming from the vocals.

In my opinion, the album does take some time until I get something interesting. We have a small organ intro with Deus Culpa and then, the album kicks with Con Clavi Con Dio with a heavy bass and decent riff and atmosphere and we get the vocals which is clean and nicely done, the guy can sing and it is nice to hear something clean and Satanic without having to do Black Metal and all. So, the song begins fine but the chorus does bore me, quite honestly. So, to me the album takes some time until it kicks into something special and here comes, Ritual. Whenever someone tells me about Ghost, the first song would pop up in mind is Ritual. The song is catchy, fun, has great vocals, nice guitars and solos, and atmosphere. It is the perfect song for the band. Elizabeth was the first song which is slightly darker and rich of atmosphere with the organs and instrumentation going on. However, the fun just stops till Death Knell.

While Death Knell and Prime Mover have the same formula, it gets a bit old even for such a short album and I, personally, find Prime Mover to be such a boring song overall especially the chorus for the main reason, the vocalist would go into "supposed-to-be-creepy" mode which instead of making it interesting... it makes the song dull, even though, I know, what were they trying to do here but the entire song falls flat. It's not bad but weak and the lyrics get a bit tiring by this point. As for Genesis, while it is a nice instrumental but if I blind-folded you and without telling you anything about the band and made you listen to it, it sounds like a space-y rock material. It's nicely composed but doesn't sound like Ghost.

After going through the tracks and giving a general sound, there is a problem. We're almost 2 years since the release of the album but it seems the effect has been worn out and even for such a short album. I can listen to albums from the 70's and 80's and still find new things about them and they still interest me. However, with Opus Eponymous, it does start to wear out. With the amount of success the band has and if this isn't a one-thing project, the band might do another album but will it have the same element? If that would happen, it is like repeating the album again with a different title album and different title songs with a verse-chorus-verse-chorus structured songs.

So, overall, the band is talented and everyone plays the instruments right and the overall album has great fun filled atmosphere without being too dark. The majority of the album is good but not great only for Ritual and Elizabeth which they stand-out and the formula seems to be repeated throughout the album having little to no difference. So, if you want to buy it, go ahead but as a personal note, the album seems to be lying next to the bunch of many CDs without thinking of listening to it anytime soon.