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LUCIFERRRRRR!!!! We Are Here - 95%

enshrinedtemple, July 29th, 2013

Ghost came out of the dark foreboding darkness with their first offering entitled Opus Eponymous. This album conjures up a lot of satanic imagery, horror and classic 70’s rock and prototype metal. Maybe that is a cliche thing to do nowadays as countless bands follow that trend but Ghost puts a truly unique spin on a tired formula. As you all know, they combine 70’s rock (Very guitar and bass oriented) with some pop music and if you have heard this album before you will know what I am talking about. So many catchy choruses paired with cheesy (awesome) satanic lyrics provide a ground that is not often traveled upon. They are certainly not pioneers think (Mercyful Fate or Blue Oyster Cult) but what they do breathes fresh air into the metal scene. They are not an extreme metal band by any stretch of the imagination but they do borrow some elements from death and black metal.

Opus Eponymous is a very short album clocking in at a measly 35 minutes but in this case, we get quality over quantity. They take a classic 70’s approach and Opus reminds me of Black Sabbath’s Masters of Reality with the general flow of the album. There are extremely dark satanic lyrics along with some great melodies and catchy riffs. Everything about this album is blasphemy in the best way possible.

Ritual is probably my personal favorites and a certain highlight of the album. Ritual just screams forth blasphemy with that amazing chorus that is sure to get stuck in your head. “The chapel of ritual smells of dead human sacrifices from the altar bed”. You know those lyrics are so cheesy but it is catchy and it is hard not to sing along with. No pop band could ever make those lyrics sound good or have that precise musicianship. They really procreated an unholy bastard with this track and it is a true masterpiece that will leave an everlasting impact. The rest of the album follows the same formula as Ritual but each song is a craft of its own.

There is a lot that Ghost has to offer even with the relatively short album time. We have diverse instrumentals that show their progressive side, hard rocking songs and even some pop influenced moments. Papa Emeritus and the nameless ghouls really set the bar high with this release and Opus certainly qualifies as a breath of fresh air. Opus is fun, heavy, satanic and extremely cheesy at the same time!

So with Opus Eponymous, we get a fantastic slab of doomy 70’s rock music with a twist. The pop styled catchiness and the satanic imagery just puts this band on the top. They came out of nowhere and in only approximately 3 years, they have made quite the splash. They really made an initial album to be proud of and they still play the entire thing live when they headline. If you like this album, I strongly encourage you to see them live. It is a theatrical masterpiece and you get to hear Opus in its entirety (I know they do not play Deus Culpa but that is not really a song but it is an intro). Ghost may seem like a gimmick with all the imagery, but if you listen to Opus I think you will find that they take their music seriously and they are dedicated musicians who want to spread the word of “LUCIFERRRRRRRR”!