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This chapel of ritual is album of the year! - 100%

Valkyrjan, January 1st, 2011

Ghost are quite the phenomenon. In the space of 2 or 3 weeks they went from being largely unheard of to the most hyped band of the moment. Their debut “Opus Eponymous”, with a nod towards Salem’s Lot by way of artwork, exploded onto the scene and blew everyone away with its satanic lyrics, the luring, cult atmosphere beckoning the listener to step closer and the incredible catchiness described by Rise Above as “an almost unthinkable pop sensibility”.

Each and every song is laden with doom and melody simultaneously, with haunting vocals (melodic at that, a good example that you don’t need shrieks or growls for such an evil atmosphere) soaring over riffs and beat-perfect drumming and the occasional eerie Hammond part adding what I’ll describe as a religious, or even a sacrosanct aura to these satanic hymns. This isn’t satanic like Funeral Mist, Ondskapt or any fellow Swedes of their ilk; this is Mercyful Fate-esque occult heavy metal with the captivating vocals and psychedelic, memorable riffs.

I like to think evil is the anti-conscience on your shoulder that says “Go on, I dare you” and not so much the whole goat-sacrificing business, that’s far too much of a baptism by fire. Vulnerable mortals need tempting and luring with the promise of reward, and that’s exactly the kind of evil Ghost deliver. This album’s an absolute belter and instantly took the “Album of the Year” award from me, it makes me more comfortable with the idea of Mercyful Fate being unlikely to release any new material knowing these guys are about. I can’t flaw it, and so it deserves no less than full marks.

May the Ghouls have a long and fruitful career.