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"Meliora" is Quite Ghostly.... - 80%

sylenthunter, August 27th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2015, Digital, Seven Four Entertainment

“Ghost” is a band that I have always heard of but never took the time to listen to. With their third studio release, I finally got around to giving “Ghost” a try. I was very wary and wasn't expecting much, because I had seen Ghost being compared to the likeness of "Blue Oyster Cult", and "Pink Floyd" and these bands never quite tickled my fancy.

After the first song on the album, I was pleasantly surprised. “Spirit” opens the album with a very grand feeling. Ghost makes use of some very interesting sound effects throughout the rest of the album, but it was exceptionally present in “Spirit”. The opening track had a very fun yet mysterious riff that I couldn't help but sway my head to. The drums on this album were nothing spectacular, but it felt like they knew where they should be. The bass was nice and audible in every track, which is not something many bands pride themselves in.“From the Pinnacle to the Pit” started with a bass intro that hit you hard in the face with raw tone and power. This song also featured guitar melodies that could’ve been ripped straight from a spy movie. The vocals on this album are easily the highlight. Vocals like these are hard to describe other than to say they were enjoyable. One of the many things that separates Ghost from other bands of their style is there practical use of sound effects. Small things like the ticking of a clock give songs on this album a very grand and almost orchestral feeling.

Although the vocals are consistent and always enjoyable, the vocal melodies become somewhat predictable and almost repetitive. While this does draw from the overall vocal experience, vocally is still where this album excels. With that said, it surprises me that there isn't only one instrumental track on this album, but two. These don’t seem to serve any purpose other than to take up space on the album. Immediately after the first instrumental at track 4, track 5 (“He Is”) comes and destroys the tone and feeling that Ghost set up with the first 3 songs and the instrumental. “He Is”, isn’t a bad song, but it doesn’t feel like it belongs.

Most of this album is very fun, very catchy, and I’ve had trouble putting this album down since I first started listening to it. The vocals are certainly the highlight of the album. “From the Pinnacle to the Pit” is my favorite song, while the two instrumentals are my least favorite. Overall this album is worth listening to, and I’d recommend picking it up.