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Infestissumam / Metal All The Time - 90%

Sargeantdeath99, June 12th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2013, CD, Universal Music (Digisleeve)

Infestissumam, The follow up album Opus Eponymous was released on April 10, 2013 in North America by Loma Vista Recordings on April 16 in partnership with Republic Records, a division of Universal Music Group by the Swedish heavy metal band Ghost, which consists of Tobias Forge on vocals represented as Papa Emeritus as well as the newly formed Cardinal Copia, And the Nameless Ghouls who play the instruments. The Nameless Ghouls are Fire (formerly known as Alpha) the lead guitarist and backing vocals. Water the bassist. Wind as the keyboardist. Earth the drummer. Ether (formerly known as Omega) as the rhythm guitarist and backing vocals.

Now, Two years after the bands original release of Opus Eponymous the band hopes to capture the heavy metal essence like they did on their debut album. While the band sticks to its guns of using a very occult look and sound on most of their songs, They do break the mold and attempt something new with a few songs on the album. However that proves to not be such a wise choice as those songs tend to lead more to the being hard rock in sound, While the songs are good it is not what we expect of an upcoming metal powerhouse in the making.

Overall the rest of the album manages to hold the torch of its predecessor high. Continuing the use of strong lead guitars with powerful vocals coupled among choir chanting create something truly dark and spectacular. Holding true to the roots of their heavy metal idols such as Black Sabbath, They have strong solos, deep drum blasts as well as very focused vocals, Nailing both the highs and lows.

There are few standout tracks on this album that classify exactly what Ghost stands for. Songs such as Year Zero, which happens to contain many choir chants along side satanic references, Add that to old school riffs and drum blasts straight from hell, You end up with a track that embodies that occult metal sound we expect. Ghost attempts something new in the form of Ghuleh/Zombie Queen, a song that starts off with a slow but delicate piano introduction. And then slowly works its way into a fast paced keyboard driven heavy metal song, while not exactly your typical heavy metal song it definitely has refreshing take on the genre. Monstrace Clock, The essential Ghost track. This song is Ghost. Fast guitars, Groovy drums, And most importantly very dark satanic vocals. There is a reason the band closes all of their live shows with this track, For lack of better wording, Its amazing.

For a sophomore effort Ghost set the bar high, Typically bands tend to fall short with their second albums, Ghost aren't breaking the trend. However the overall production is noticeably better, The vocals sound crisper, Guitars are sharper and the drums are smoother. With the exception of a few too many pop sounding songs most of the songs nail the occult 80's heavy metal sound. Overall a great follow up album that only gets better with age, Still a must own for any heavy metal fan.