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Hail Satan... Come Together - 95%

Fiction_of_Snow, June 26th, 2013

Opus Eponymous left off with the track "Genesis", or in the words of one of the Nameless Ghouls, "The Birth of the Anti-Christ." This is where Infestissumam starts, with the life of the Anti-Christ. With more prominence on the organ than with the guitars and the bass, and the more than obvious disdain for Christianity, Papa Emeritus II and the Nameless Ghouls bring in an interesting and immensely amazing sophomore album. While Opus Eponymous was very gimmicky and basically saying, "Here is Satan. Here is us worshiping him", Infestissumam goes deeper than that. It is a Latin word meaning "most hostile". Ghost does not hold back on this record as it seems they did on Opus Eponymous.

The band makes great use of the choirs provided to them, from the opening chant in the title track all the way to the last lines in Monstrance Clock, whether used as background and atmospheric fillers or as prominent lines in the songs, such as the last section of Monstrance Clock. There is also some prominent diversity in various styles, such as in Ghuleh/Zombie Queen containing '60s surf rock styles midway through the song, pop rock-ish styles in Idolatrine, and dark ballad-like themes in Monstrance Clock.

Some highlight tracks from this album for me were Secular Haze, Year Zero, Ghuleh/Zombie Queen, Monstrance Clock, and Body and Blood, with some tracks that I felt were slightly weaker than the rest, those being Jigolo Har Migiddo and Idolatrine, though it's not to say I did not enjoy them.

Overall, I believe this album met the expectations that Opus Eponymous left for it, though I could see disputes and arguments between fans of Opus Eponymous and fans of Infestissumam due to the more doom metal sound not being prominent on this record.